Natural Gemstone Fish Ornaments


Here at Floral Fawna, we strongly believe in the positive healing powers of natural gems and crystals. What better way to enjoy the spiritual benefits of these materials than to have them presented in the shape of lovely, minature fish. Perfect for practicing reiki and crystal healing.

Options: Black Labradorite / Black Obsidian / Blood Stone / Blue Sodalite / Chinese Picasso Jasper / Green Aventurine / India Agate / Opalite / Quartz Crystal / Red Agate / Red Mahogany Obsidian / Strawberry Quartz / Unakite / White Turquoise / Yellow Jade.

Size: 38 x 21 x 20mm (LxWxH); approx 1.5"

Note: Each stone is unique and special in its color, shape and size. However, we can guarantee that they are all of the same high quality.