About Us

Here at Floral Fawna, we are all nature enthusiasts. The idyllic countryside, mysterious forests, and vast oceans and all that live within, have given us the stimulus to offer products inspired by our breath-taking world. We aim to bring nature into your home and offer you homeware and accessory choices inspired by the environment, without you having to step foot outside your door. We are passionate about helping artisans around the world to enable them to offer their designs to a wider online audience. Our unique items originate from all over the globe, including countries such as India, Thailand, Indonesia, South America and China to name just a few. We also delve, at times, into the mystic, unknown, hidden worlds of ancient and mythical times. We love products with a story behind them; particularly those which are embedded in culture and tradition and we hope that you experience a sense of wonder and enjoyment of the rich diversity our planet has to offer.