Mushroom Healing Quartz

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Not only so our Natural Selenite Mushrooms make lovely handsize ornaments, they are also a useful reiki/crystal healing aid.

Selenite is named after the Greek word for the Moon – Selene, because of its properties which fluoresce under ultraviolet light. It is felt that Selenite has a calming influence, especially when staring at it's fluorescence, which helps reduce worries and promotes meditation and positive thoughts. It is also thought to aid memory and protect against memory loss. Because of the connection between the sun and the moon, it is felt that Selenite rejuvinates and strengthens when left out in the sun during the day, evoking it's strongest healing powers at night. Perfectly sits in the palm of the hand to intensify the positive energy.

Height: approx 5.5-6cm   
Width: approx 4.5-5cm
Weight: 80-100g

Handmade from natural crystal/stone, each mushroom is unique and slightly different, but each is quality checked to ensure a consistently standard.