Carved Elephant Crystal


We will always be strong advocates of the healing qualities of natural stones and crystals, here at Floral Fawna. But, where we go one step further, is to present these stones in sometimes quirky, sometimes unusual, but always lovely forms. Perhaps our Elephant collection fits into all three categories? 

Perfect for practicing reiki and crystal healing. Also, perfect for gifting to friends and family.

Options available: Amazonite ,Amethyst ,Black Obsidian ,Black & White Zebra ,Blood Stone ,Blue Aventurine ,Blue Goldstone Sand ,Blue Sodalite ,Blue Spot Jade ,Blue Turquoise ,Brecciated Jasper ,Cherry Quartz ,Chinese Picasso Jasper ,Clear Quartz, Dalmation Jasper ,Dragon Blood Jasper ,Gray Agate ,Green Moss Agate ,Green Spot Jade ,Hematite ,India Agate ,Iron Pyrite, Kambaba Jasper ,Labradorite ,Lapis Lazuli ,Larvikite Labradorite ,Lotus Jasper ,Malachite Turquoise Quartz ,Opalite ,Orange Aventurine ,Orange Gypsum Selenite Satin Spar ,Picture Jasper ,Pink Black Rhodonite ,Red Goldstone Sand ,Red Jasper ,Red Mahogany Obsidian ,Rhyolite ,Rose Quartz ,Snowflake Obsidian ,Tiger Eye ,Unakite ,White Crazy Agate ,White Howlite Turquoise ,White Jade ,Yellow Jade

Size: 38 x 21 x 20mm (LxWxH); approx 1.5"

Note: Each stone is unique and special in its color, shape and size. However, we can guarantee that they are all of the same high quality.