Animal Hook Wall Hanging


Create an animalistic ambiance within your home with our unique and majestic range of animal wall hooks.

These distinctive hooks are perfect for hanging up a variety of items such as jewelry, bags, t-shirts, jackets, towels, and tea-towels!

Choose from the following animals to transform your walls into an exotic safari space: buck deer, ram, giraffe, elephant, horse, and rhino.

Available in 4 different colours (to compliment all types of rooms)


  • Black
  • White
  • Rose
  • Rose-gold


Sizes vary depending on the choice of animal, typical sizes between 11cm – 16.5cm vertical length, and 4-16 cm horizontal length.


High-quality resin, with a keyhole on the back (specifically designed for strength). Please note: this product’s maximum hanging weight is 5kg.