Orange Aztec Throw


Add a bohemian aesthetic to your room with this stunning Indian tribal throw.

These beautifully made throws are crafted using a high-quality cotton and are carefully woven to ensure softness, rich texture and durability.

They have the added versatility of being able to be used as a bed cover, sofa throw or as a wall hanging, space divider or wall back drop. They are also the perfect blanket to take to a festival - to use as either a picnic mat or blanket to keep you warm in the tent at night.

Material: Vegan friendly: Polyester / Cotton.

Machine washable with cold water, avoid use of detergent with bleach in the ingredients; Please gently wash the towel to prevent the tassels tangling.  

Four Different sizes to choose from:

Small: 90 * 90CM /35.43 * 35.43in
Medium: 90 * 180CM /35.43 * 70.87in
Large: 90 * 210CM /35.43 * 82.67in
Extra Large: 130 * 180CM /51.18 * 70.87in